Sunday, September 27, 2009


I just have to share with all of you... Here is a picture of a beautiful bride that wore "WOVEN" tiara on her wedding day. She matched a delicate veil along with the tiara for an exquisite look. Knowing that my work added to the beauty of this bride on her special day absolutely made my day, and it also made me extremely proud that something that was created by me was chosen by this beautiful bride. Isn't she lovely!!! Thank you Christy!


  1. How nice of her to send you that photo! Sure, we all want people to buy our stuff, but even more than that we want people to wear and love what we make! It would be so disappointing to find that someone had bought something from us only to have it perennially buried at the bottom of the box. Now you have proof that what you made was loved and used!

  2. She looks amazing, and your tiara is the perfect accompaniment to her dress.

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